Welcome to Sectra Education Portal

By connecting to Sectra Education Portal, a cloud-based sharing portal, teachers and students have access to an extensive library of cases, providing them with a wide variety of clinical content. Through Sectra’s collaborative network, institutions can share cases and knowledge with other Sectra users from around the world. Please visit the "About" section for a full description on the Education portal.

Access to Education Portal requires that you use Internet Explorer and have an institution specific login provided by Sectra.

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View cases in Education Portal on any device and web browser (i.e. iPad, Mac, Chrome, etc.) with a Student license. Institution specific logins are provided by Sectra. 

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We want to hear from you! Give feedback to product developers, make case requests, and discuss integration ideas with other users here - UserInfluence. Relevant discussions under "Sectra Table".

User guides and tutorials can be found at Sectra User Web, just register/login. Relevant information can be found under "Guides and Training" / "Sectra Table".


For Sectra Table, IDS7 or workstation support, contact the distributor in your respective country/region.

General questions or comments regarding Education Portal can be directed to educationportal@sectra.com.